Barack Obama and “The Butcher of Kenya” Video


The Political Pyro
Light For All Who Quietly Stand In The DarkGoing Viral: Barack Obama and “The Butcher of Kenya”

On October 5th, a chilling video exposing the real Barack Obama and his allegiance to Raila Odinga was posted on this site in hopes that it would go viral — just weeks before the election.

In the last three weeks, the video has gone from 1000 viewers to over 300,000 and was ’scrubed’ from YouTube. We got it Back thanks to MaggiesNotebook.

As the McCain campaign focuses its attention on William Ayers in its latest offensive against Obama’s radical past, I believe McCain would better serve the American people if he introduced the world to “The Butcher of Kenya”.

Watch this video and judge for yourself…. Then post it on your blog and help continue to spread the word


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