Turning a Blind Eye…Obama and his past.

From Wikipedia….

The idiom turning a blind eye is used to describe the process of ignoring unpopular orders or inconvenient facts or activities.

The phrase to turn a blind eye is attributed to an incident in the life of Admiral Horatio Nelson.  Nelson was blinded in one eye early in his Royal Navy career. In 1801, during the Battle of Copenhagen cautious Admiral Sir Hyde Parker, in overall command of the British forces, ordered Nelson’s forces to withdraw. Naval orders were transmitted via a system of signal flags at that time. When this order was drawn to the more aggressive Nelson’s attention, he lifted his telescope up to his blind eye, said he saw no signal, and ordered his forces to continue to press home the attack.[1]

“The process of ignoring unpopular and inconvenient facts and activities.”  As I watch Obama navigate the twists and turns of this Presidential election campaign, I am struck by his adeptness to avoid the unpopular and inconvenient facts and activities that make up his past.  Obama’s supporters and Media pals seem to possess this adeptness as well.  It would seem to an outsider that they have successully mastered the process of turning a blind eye to all the questionable associations and activities that make up Obama’s past.  And now they are trying to get the rest of America to do the same.  It is almost as if Obama and his supporters are raising a telescope to America’s blind eye in the same manner Admiral Nelson did while ignoring the order from his superior.  I think many American’s find the Obama issues too much to handle, process and understand.  It appears to me that they would rather remain ignorant, turning a blind eye to Obama’s questionable past and lack of experience, and place their vote for him because they think they’ll get a tax break.  It’s almost as if that is all they see and hear….”Obama will give us a tax break”  “Obama will give us a tax break”  “Obama will give us a tax break”.  I find it quite shocking that Obama made it to the top of the Democratic ticket.  A man who would not have been given security clearance from the FBI, CIA or any other government agency dealing with sensitive information based on his past associations.  Doesn’t anyone out there question where this guy came from?  How can he be a Presidential candidate with his questionable background?  America is turning a blind eye.   

If you question an Obama supporter if they really favor a “spread the wealth around” economic policy, a friendly, benign foreign policy approach (let’s sit and chat with Achmadinijad over coffee and he’ll get nicer”), health care for all (paid for by all, except those with no job or cash), abortions for all paid for by all with their tax dollars (take a look at the Freedom of Choice Act…tax dollars will go towards payment of abortions for those who can’t afford the procedure), more spending, more government control, less personal freedoms….if you question them, they immediately go on the defensive.  They start yelling, hurling insults at the questioner, calling them racist. 

The questioned Obama supporter’s knack for yelling loud enough over anyone who may question the inconvenient facts and activities that make up Obama’s past makes it difficult for anyone else to be heard.  Obama supporters would rather yell, kick and scream if someone mentions Ayers, Wright, Rezko, Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi and Obama in the same sentence than take a look at the connections.  They call it “smear tactics”.   They refuse to acknowledge it, and if they do they just sweep it under the carpet as if it doesn’t exist or matter.  Obama and his campaign also turn the tables on anyone who mentions anything about Obama’s past by labeling them racist.  Isn’t it interesting that Obama plays the race card?  The questions we ask about his past have nothing to do with his race.  To me, the questions are normal background check questions.  We are vetting him.  The defensiveness of Obama and his supporters in relation to his background speaks volumes to me….what are they hiding?  What are they covering up?

Would John McCain be at the top of the Republican ticket if he had the same associations and relationships?  Would Joe Biden be in the number two spot on the Democratic ticket if he did?  I don’t think so.  And this is what I find so immensely troubling and frustrating….why is Obama off limits?  Why does Obama get a free pass?  Why can’t we ask these questions without being labeled racist?  Why is the main stream media giving him a free pass? 

It is so very troubling to me that American’s would be so willing to vote for Obama without at least holding the telescope up to their good eye and taking a real hard look at the man, his experience, associations, policies and beliefs….to fully examine Obama and to not just vote for him because he isn’t a Republican.  I hope America’s blind eye will turn into laser beam focus over the next week….laser beam focus on Obama.  He’s not all that he appears to be….and the change he may bring, the change his supporters seem to want so vehemently, may not be the change they think they’re going to get.


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