McCain Steals the Show at Al Smith Dinner

From a post by Alex Smith….on 10/16/2008 10:49 PM.  Thank you Alex!

By Alex Smith | October 17, 2008

Enjoy John McCain’s remarks at the ceremonial Alfred E. Smith dinner. The Al Smith dinner is always a hilarious affair as well as a uniquely harmonious event in the midst of quadrennial presidential warfare. However, John McCain was definitely at his best and, by my estimation, he put on the best Al Smith presidential candidate performance since Ronald Reagan in ’84. A future in late night for John McCain? We hope not… at least until January 2013.
Watch for two things in particular:

1) McCain’s Clinton comments

2) The applause McCain elicits when he expresses a belief that many in the heavily Democratic audience are “pulling” for him

Log onto Alex’s site to watch the video….it’s great!


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