To Obama’s Supporters…can you answer these questions?

To all Obama supporters, are you not in the least bit concerned about his questionable background, lack of experience and ties to radical figures?  Can you answer any of the following questions for me?

1. Why won’t he release any info from his Columbia days?  No one can read his thesis, no one can get their hands on it, why? 

2. Why is he a perpetual fence sitter? 

3. Why does Obama think he can run for the Oval Office with such limited experience? 

4. Are you at all wary of Obama’s background? 

5. Why does he think he can be President with all the questionable ties he has to terrorist, racist, Muslim figures such as Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Farrakhan, Rashid Khalidi? Did you know they all live in the same neighborhood? 

6. Do you know who funded his Harvard education?  Here’s a hint….muslim activist Khalid Al-Mansour

7. How does Obama plan on implementing his tax and spending plans in today’s economy?  Did you know Obama submitted a $1,000,000,000.00 spending “increase” over 4 years during the campaign?

8. How do you think Obama can manage the Presidency without having any solid experience?  Would you be comfortable hiring him to lead your company?  Seriously.  Pretend Obama is Caucasian and then answer the question. 

9. What do you think about Obama’s character?  Is it trustworthy?

10. Do you think it’s “sexy” to vote for Obama? 

11.  Do you question Obama’s quick rise to the top of the Democratic party, surpassing people who have worked harder and dedicated more of their life to the Democratic Party?  Take Hillary Clinton for example.  How did Obama get to the top of the ticket having only served 22 months in the Senate?

12.  Tell my why you’re voting for Obama….give me solid answers, not fluff.  Back it up with facts about Obama, and don’t criticize McCain in your answer.  This question is not about McCain or who’s in Washington now, it is about Obama, his policies and what he stands for.

13. A note on change, as the saying goes “the grass is always greener”. Have you ever thought that while getting change with Obama that it’s not going to be the change you envision?

I look forward to reading your responses.



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2 responses to “To Obama’s Supporters…can you answer these questions?

  1. mega

    Listen up. I am a democrat and know that no one in the military or civilian leadership would be given a clearance with this guy’s background. Ayers and Rezko, Wright and Farrakahn. Need I say more folks. DO you really believe the Feds would allow an average citizen a clearance if they had this guy’s background. HELL NO! He is a radical. And if that doesn’t get you going what about the campaign manager who had a photo of Hugo Chavez in their campaign office last summer…. Start thinking… radical OBama

  2. njg

    Thanks for this post, Mindmining. Someone else is thinking along the same lines. Read the below post –

    McCain has my vote. There’s no doubt about his character.

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