The Gibson Q & A Session…could Obama answer the questions Gibson asked Palin?

I have heard people say that Obama is intelligent and has the answers……and that he’s been grilled for 18 months with questions like Gibson asked Palin.  Well, I’d like to hear again how Obama responded to questions like these back in month 1 of his 18 month journey.  He’s had 18 months to fine tune his answers. Answers fed to him by the Democratic Party.  Why is everyone pitting Palin against Obama?  Who is running for the position of President? Palin? No. McCain.  Pit Obama against McCain and then you’ve leveled the playing field.  McCain is applying for the job as President, not Palin.  If the Rep’s aren’t careful, the public will soon be convinced that Palin is running for President.  It’s funny how things get so twisted……and it is very interesting to watch it all.  The strategy, the smoke and mirrors.  Good grief!  How the heck is the American public supposed to believe any of it?  And most Americans will take what they see and hear at face value and form their opinions, and then base their decisions on someone else’s opinion.  It’s scary.  And then they get mad later on after they’ve woken up and realized what they did……and they’re mad at everyone but themselves.  Let’s all remember who is applying and for what position.  It’s strange to me that everyone would feel so comfortable putting Obama in the Oval Office, with the codes in the upper left-hand side of the Presidential desk, with the keys to our national security in his pocket……when he has absolutely ZERO experience with foreign policy.  Sure, he can talk a good talk…sounds intelligent……is well groomed……but come on! Has he ever walked that talk?  No.  He is nowhere near ready to be Commander in Chief of this country!



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