McCain’s Energizing Acceptance Speech

Whether you’re a Dem or Rep, you have to admit that the end of McCain’s speech, where he implored all of us to do something, to fight, to not give up and accept things as inevitable, really struck a chord and moved many of us to do something.  More people are talking about the candidates than ever before.  More people are looking into their backgrounds, more people are questioning their experience, more people are thinking about what this country truly needs in a leader to propel us in a positive way into the future.  McCain wasn’t just speaking to Rep’s when he made those statements. I believe he was talking to every American regardless of their party affiliation.  So, as we explore and learn about the two men who are applying for the job as our next President, let us focus on just that…who is best suited to propel us positively into the future, and not tear each other down with hateful, hurtful comments loaded with profanity and insults.  Where does that get any of us?  Does it make us feel more powerful for a moment? Possibly.  But, how does it help the situation?  It only works to muddy this application process.  Maybe look at the process in this way….you are the employer (and you are) and you are interviewing these applicants for the most powerful spot in our organization.  Who would you personally hire?  Regardless of their party….who would you want to work with, work next to….who would you be most confident about placing in the most important position in your organization?  Who would you hire?  Focus on their experience, focus on their records…focus on the job’s they’ve already held and the results they’ve achieved.  Don’t take someone else’s word as fact. Research the applicants yourself.  Become an expert on the applicant you want to place in the most important position in your organization.  Challenge your opposition on facts, and facts alone.  Be proud of what you’d post here….wow us with your knowledge and challenge us to think….state your case for who you would hire in the most important position in your organization.  Help to move us toward election day in a positive way.  Let’s get to that day and feel good about the work we did during the hiring process.  Regardless of who wins, if we don’t do anything during the hiring process to learn about each applicant, to be an advocate for the applicant we feel best suited for the job, we only have ourselves to blame if the applicant we thought was most deserving of the position, doesn’t get hired.  So, stay positive here….help each other learn about the applicants….don’t muddy the water…there are many other forces out there who are doing a bang up job on that already.  We the People need to rise above it all and be clear in our thinking.  We the People need to focus on our mission….hiring the best applicant for the position.

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